Sneaker Event: Sneakerness Amsterdam and DunkXChange Washington D.C.

Sneakerness Amsterdam August 27th

Sneakerness Amsterdam August 27th

This weekend features not one but two sneaker events in two very different locations. Although in different parts of the world, the goal is still the same, to bring together people that share the same passion and love towards all things sneakers. First up will be Sneakerness Amsterdam, on Saturday, August 27th. This event will run from 12-9pm local time, and will have enough activities and features to keep you entertained the whole time and even after. On site there will be food, drinks and a BBQ hosted later in the evening. To go along with tickling your sense of sight, taste and smell, your ears will be filled with the music coming from a variety of DJ’s throughout the day. 

Sneakerness was created to provide an environment conclusive for the documentation, encouragement and networking within the sneaker culture. Offering a spot for #sneakerholics to buy, sell, trade and experience the sneaker culture firsthand. Although this is the first time in Amsterdam, the event has had successful conventions in Berne, Zurich, Vienna and Cologne, so you know you won’t want to miss it. After the event there is even an after party hosted by none other then ATF member and #sneakerholic himself DJ Clark Kent. Don’t miss it!

Sneakerness Amsterdam Program *Click Image for Full Size*

Sneakerness Amsterdam Program *Click Image for Full Size*

Due to Hurricane Irene and safety concerns, DunkXChange Washington D.C. has been rescheduled to Saturday, September 10th, same time and location.

DunkXChange Washington D.C. August 28th

DunkXChange Washington D.C. August 28th

On Sunday, August 28th you will have to go over the pond to the United States for the next sneaker event, DunkXChange Washington D.C. Having completed a special showing in Las Vegas earlier in the week it’s a little surprising to see this event happen so quickly. However, #sneakerholics are calling, and the capital city of the United States, Washington D.C., which recently hosted Sneakerness less then three weeks ago, is the place to be on Sunday. This goes to show how alive and poppin’ the sneaker culture is in the D.C. area. As always the main purpose of DunkXChange is to create an environment to buy, sell and trade sneakers along with meeting others who share the same passion. There will be performances by Phil Ade, Black Cobain, and Phil Da Future along with free food. This all-ages event runs from 2-7pm local time, so don’t be late!

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