Sneaker Showcase: Happy Birthday Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Converse Choose your Weapon Magic vs. Bird.

Today one of the most entertaining basketball players to ever play the game celebrates his 52nd birthday. As Earvin “Magic” Johnson dazzled crowds throughout the 80’s and 90’s on the basketball court, he also helped establish the popularity of sneakers in the world today.

Before the other MJ became the high-flying face of basketball sneakers, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were featured in one of the most memorable sneaker ad campaigns of the early 80’s. Both players wore the Converse Weapon, and the Choose Your Weapon magazine ads and commercials had them facing off, the same way they often did on the court back then. The rivalry helped make the Converse Weapon one of the most popular shoes of the era, and has also become a popular retro model over the years, like the one below uploaded by B. Goode.

Converse Weapon Magic Johnson Colorway

The popularity of the original Converse Weapon ad even inspired another ad campaign just a few years ago, once again showing Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in a whole new light.

Even though the Converse Weapon is an unforgettable sneaker, what we haven’t seen on the Sneakerpedia Wiki, is the Magic Johnson line of sneakers that were released in the 90’s, and we know there are plenty of sneakerholics that have these rare kicks as a part of their collection.

Who will be the first to add them to the site? Be sure to let us know so we can share them with other sneakerholics!

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