MTV turns the Big 3-0

PUMA "Yo! MTV Raps" Clyde uploaded by measel

PUMA "Yo! MTV Raps" Clyde uploaded by measel

There aren’t as many music videos showing on MTV anymore, but the music television station turned 30 years old today. Yes, on August 1st, 1981, the world of music and TV collided with a channel fully dedicated to music. Over the years we became accustomed to the term VJ’s, TRL and The Real World as MTV became a bigger part of our daily lives. MTV was where we could watch and listen to a wide variety of artists, and for #sneakerholics, do some recon work and spot who was wearing the hottest sneakers. One of those programs, that was a favorite for many sneakerholics, happened to be YO! MTV Raps. PUMA and MTV immortalized the program by creating a variety of shoes using the show as the focal point.

PUMA Yo MTV Raps Clyde uploaded by JT

PUMA "Yo! MTV Raps" Clyde uploaded by JT

In the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the PUMA Clyde, in 2006 MTV was invited to design their own versions of the classic shoe. Featuring special details on the tongue, heel and insole, the Gold foiled lettering on the side panel proclaimed “Forever Fresh.” A very limited amount of each colorway was created. Only released in specially selected shops worldwide, the shoes were accompanied with special limited edition apparel and goodies.

PUMA "Yo! MTV Raps" First Round uploaded by Knuckles

PUMA "Yo! MTV Raps" First Round uploaded by Knuckles

Along with a number of Clydes, MTV got their hands on the First round as well and once again the “Yo! MTV Raps” treatment was given to the shoe. This particular colorway, seen above, features a Pink and White base that is completed with both Yellow and Black accenting.

PUMA and MTV’s relationship has fostered a number of great Clydes and First Round sneakers that have made their way into many collections. If you have anymore in your possession be sure to add them to the Sneakerpedia wiki.

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  1. For more dope pics of great Classics by Puma check out possibly the largest picture archive of Puma Clydes etc!

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