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Sneakerness Amsterdam Event Recap

Sneakerness Amsterdam Recap

This past weekend, the popular sneaker gathering, Sneakerness, headed to Amsterdam. To make sure the party had the energy to keep guests entertained, none other than DJ Clark Kent was flown over from the New York City. Sneaker enthusiasts from all around brought out some impressive kicks for the event. Members of the Sneakerpedia team were also on hand to spread the love for the Sneakerpedia Wiki.

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Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

Every week it seems like the same story. More and more #sneakerholics share their pictures with us throughout the week for the latest Twitter Sneaker Showcase. With more and more entries per week being seen, it comes to no surprise to see a variety of different names and sneakers being seen from all around the globe. Along with seeing sneakerholics worldwide once again we see a variety of brands being showcased. Remember that the picture choices are random, so tweet your pictures to @Sneakerpedia and/or tag them #sneakerholics throughout the week. The more times you share the better your chances are to get chosen.

@polo430 Bronx

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Happy Birthday to the King of Pop

Michael Jackson in his L.A. Gears

Today is the birthday of the other MJ, the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Although the star’s light is no longer shining, his music, movies and life still live on through millions of people influenced by the entertainment icon. Michael Jackson was one of the first non-athletes to ever make a serious impact on the sneaker culture, paving the way for artists like Kanye West. With that in mind, we wanted to look back at some of his signature shoes that were created with L.A. Gear. We found two original Michael Jackson signatures on Sneakerpedia, both the low and high top version of the Moon Rocker, uploaded by #sneakerholic, kid sneakerness. Continue reading

Sneaker Event: Sneakerness Amsterdam and DunkXChange Washington D.C.

Sneakerness Amsterdam August 27th

Sneakerness Amsterdam August 27th

This weekend features not one but two sneaker events in two very different locations. Although in different parts of the world, the goal is still the same, to bring together people that share the same passion and love towards all things sneakers. First up will be Sneakerness Amsterdam, on Saturday, August 27th. This event will run from 12-9pm local time, and will have enough activities and features to keep you entertained the whole time and even after. On site there will be food, drinks and a BBQ hosted later in the evening. To go along with tickling your sense of sight, taste and smell, your ears will be filled with the music coming from a variety of DJ’s throughout the day.  Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Tiffany”

Dunk Low Pro SB "Tiffany" uploaded by PCOOP1

Dunk Low Pro SB "Tiffany" Details uploaded by PCOOP1

It was six years ago during this month that a special Dunk Low Pro SB was released that changed the world of sneakers. Much like how Air Jordans created a huge following for basketball shoes, this special colorway that was nicknamed “Tiffany” created a huge increase of attention to Nike SB as well as skateboarding sneakers in general.  Continue reading