Sneaker Showcase: Walter Payton’s KangaROOS

KangaROOS x Walter Payton Original Laamborghini Countach Poster Advertisement

KangaROOS x Walter Payton Original Lamborghini Countach Poster Advertisement

Today, July 25th would have been the 57th birthday of American football player, Walter Payton. Unfortunately, the legendary running back, nicknamed Sweetness, lost his battle with cancer in 1999. But, as a member of both the college and pro football Hall of Fame, a World Champion, 9-time Pro Bowler, and an extraordinary human being, his legacy will never be forgotten.

KangaROOS Trap Hi Walter Payton Sweetness

KangaROOS Trap Hi Walter Payton Sweetness uploaded by Roland.

The pictured, Trap Hi model, uploaded by Sneakerpedia member Roland, is one of the more recent retro models by KangaROOS that pay tribute to one of American Football’s best, both on the field and off. The description from the Sneakerpedia wiki sums up this special edition perfectly:

Originally introduced in 1979, KangaROOS were famous for being built with support and comfort in mind, and that remains true for this pair of Trap Hi. Originally known for their sneaky pockets for active sports people’s keys or to stash more nefarious possessions, this pair, the Walter Payton Limited edition, take it to the next level. The mix of the classic high-top silhouette and the attention to detail that has gone into making these a fitting homage to the erstwhile American Football player mark these out as one of my most prized possessions. The patent leather strap is embroidered with ‘Sweetness’ in red stitching, a nod to Payton’s nickname -on account of Payton’s demeanour off the pitch and his movement on it. The sweetness branding has been added to the laces and a similar nice touch is the number 34 on the heel and a stitched patch on the tongue. The top half of the tongue is also patent leather as is the strap, and the suede toe-shell gives way to a leather upper with the KangaRoo branded articulated in red stitches. A thick white split sole, giving you maximum stability and comfort, oh… and the pocket is still there, hidden in the tongue and now fastened with a zip. Well considered sneakers.

Payton made his mark on the sneaker community in the early 80’s with his partnership with KangaROOS, which resulted in his signature shoe that released in 1986. His on field shoes were the focal point of a number of creative commercials back in the day, most memorably, the one below that shows a kid playing in the yard mimicking the moves of “Sweetness” while wearing his KangaROOS.

We know there are more #sneakerholics out there with some vintage Walter Payton sneakers in their collection. Be sure to let us know when you upload them to the Sneakerpedia wiki.

2 responses to “Sneaker Showcase: Walter Payton’s KangaROOS

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  2. WEIRD THING… LAST NIGHT I HAD A DREAM THAT I WAS HANGING OUT WITH WALTER PAYTON!! I have no idea why but, it was cool! What’s even crazier is that the kankaroos came into play. They just jumped into my mind (no pun intended) Really didnt know much about the roos… weird. WAS AWSOME HANGING WITH WALTER!!! LOL

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