Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Max 90 “Infrared”

Air Max 90 Infrared Ad

Out of thousands of sneakers that have been uploaded on the Sneakerpedia wiki, there is but one that is owned by the most amount of people. That is the original “Infrared” colorway  of the Air Max 90. Not surprising, as the man behind the shoe happens to be Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. Known for other popular shoes like the Air Jordan III (3), the athlete, turned architect, turned designer, Hatfield has had his mark on a whole assortment of shoes in Nike’s catalog, including the popular Air Max 90.

Air Max 90 Infrared

Originally released in 1990, the shoe was initially known as the Air Max III until the turn of the century when it was retroed and renamed, the more familiar, Air Max 90. As the signature shoe of the Air Max lineup, Tinker took the shoe to another level just a few years after the release of the original Air Max 1. Intended as a performance running shoe, the shoe featured a new midsole made from two separate pieces created for durability, as well as to exaggerate the size of the Air Max unit. Color aided in this effect as well, much like it did on the first Air Max that released in 1987.

Air Max 90 Infrared

With a higher cut then it’s predecessors, the upper of the shoe features a thermoplastic lace system along with matching rubber heel panel. Utilizing a mixture of Dura-mesh, synthetic suede and synthetic leather on the upper, the design allowed for a unique mixture of colors to be used. The most popular makeup of this popular trainer has been the original combination of White, Black, Grey and Infrared.

Air Max 90 Infrared

Over the years Nike has not only re-released the shoe a number of times, but placed the familiar colorway onto other shoes including the Air Max 90 Current and Air Max 90 x 360. But there is nothing like the original, so it comes to no ones surprise that the original “Infrared” colorway of the Air Max 90 is shoe that most Sneakerpedia users own.

Air Max 90 Infrared

One again thanks to our friend Sergio (@Kid_Sneakerness) from Sneakerness   (@sneakerness) for the pictures of the classic shoe.

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