Battle of the Sneaker Events: Sneaker Con, Sneakerness Recaps

This past weekend there were a number of choices for sneaker enthusiasts to get into trouble at. We of course mean, the good kind of trouble, where you come home with a couple pairs of new kicks and have trouble finding a place to put them, or have trouble keeping them off your feet on the way home.

In the US, it was Sneaker Con returning to NYC that spawned some creative video seen below, while Switzerland hosted the Sneakerness crew in Zurich.

Sneaker Con NYC RecapA creative way to make sure people know you’re looking to deal.

Sneaker Con returned to NYC and our friends at Whoami? Clothing were able to catch some of the heat that was being worn, bought, sold and traded amongst attendees. There were some Jordans, Nike Dunks spotted, and of course some adidas, who helped sponsor the event.

Sneaker lovers in Europe had a different venue in mind with the Sneakerness tour stopping in Zurich over the weekend. Despite some weather that wasn’t exactly sneaker friendly, the event was a huge success as always.

Our friends at Swatch even created their own video to capture all the action and at the same time, ask an important question, who had the perfect match with their sneakers?

Take a look at some of the pictures from Sneaker Con below thanks to Sneaker Con and Whoami? Clothing’s coverage!

Did you make it to one of these events? Let us know how it was and send us your pictures and stories!

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  1. sneakercon > sneakerness

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