Sneaker Spotlight: Air Jordan 3 True Blue

Air Jordan 3 Retro 2001 Edition

This week the sneaker community is currently buzzing in anticipation of the return of one of the most unforgettable and highly regarded shoes of all time, the Air Jordan 3 True Blue Retro.

The Air Jordan 3 originally released in 1988 and became an instant classic thanks to the creative thinking of designer Tinker Hatfield. It is said that Michael Jordan was on the verge of leaving Nike before seeing the design of the Air Jordan 3, but when the outside of the box design was revealed to him, with the now famous Jumpman logo on the tongue, Elephant Print design and smooth, Swoosh-less side panels, he realized that that Nike was the brand that would help take his signature sneakers to the next level.

Air Jordan Retro 3 True Blue 2009 Edition

Air Jordan 3 Retro 2009 Edition

The True Blue colorway was released as a Retro model for the first time in 2001 with a slight change, the Nike on the heel was replaced with the Jumpman logo. Considered a favorite by many sneaker enthusiasts, another version of the Air Jordan 3 True Blue released again in 2009 in limited numbers. This time, another slight change was made, the midsole on the medial side (the arch side) featured more white than blue.

With the popular model returning again this week to stores around the world, we noticed that there is one version absent from Nobody has uploaded the original release from 1988 with the Nike Air on the heel.

Sneaker enthusiasts, who will it be that finally shares these originals from their collection with the rest of the world? And who will be the first to upload the new 2011 version to

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  1. OMG Want ! 🙂

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