Sneakerpedia Launch Party Coverage

Although the forecast called for heavy rainstorms with the potential for flooding, that didn’t stop hundreds of sneaker enthusiast from attending the Sneakerpedia launch party on Tuesday evening, May 17th, in New York City. Included in that number is a variety of personalities, including bloggers, photographers, artists, entertainers, as well as the Sneakerpedia top curators from Europe such as Ghettrocentricity, Marco Colombo, Jay Smith, Sergio Muster, and more. The positivity of the night not only lead to a successful event, but also garnered great feedback as well. Twitter and Facebook were both abuzz with photos, videos and good times from sneaker enthusiasts sharing their excitement about the launch of Sneakerpedia.

We wanted to share the experience from our friends around the world, so check out more coverage of the Sneakerpedia Launch Party throughout the social media community. Click each picture to visit their sites.

sneakerpedia coverage sf

Strictly Fitteds

sneakerpedia coverage tsb


sneakerpedia coverage fresh


sneakerpedia coverage cjl


sneakerpedia coverage nk

Nice Kicks

sneakerpedia coverage f5


sneakerpedia coverage snkfrk

Sneaker Freaker

sneakerpedia coverage rule


sneakerpedia coverage sn


sneakerpedia coverage comp


sneakerpedia coverage hs

High Snobiety

sneakerpedia coverage vs

Village Slum

sneakerpedia coverage tsg

The Shoe Game

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