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Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase

Throughout the whole week we ask the #sneakerholics that follow us on Twitter to share with us the sneakers on their feet. As expected we received a healthy amount of submissions from every corner the globe representing a variety of brands and models. It’s not easy for us to narrow down the submissions, so these are just a few of the pictures shared with us. Check out this weeks sneaker showcase and let us know which are your favorite. And don’t forget to follow @Sneakerpedia, use the #sneakerholic tag and share with us the sneakers you’re wearing.


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Sneakerpedia Needs Your Help

Since we officially launched the site last week, there has been a lot of excitement around the new sneaker wiki. Many of you have created new accounts, along with uploading your collections, and the amount of heat is helping to make Sneakerpedia one of the best sites on the internet. If you don’t believe us, it seems you haven’t looked through the site enough, because the amount of rare sneakers already uploaded is simply amazing. It’s you, the sneaker community, that has made it what it is, and with that in mind, it’s you who will determine what works, and what doesn’t, as far as the future of Sneakerpedia is concerned.

The way a wiki works is with the help of everyone. If you see duplicate sneakers on the site, click ‘Report Duplicate Page’ located on the right corner under the Sneaker History portion of the sneaker.

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Sneakerpedia x Complex Launch Event Video

sneakerpedia recap video

Exactly one week ago in New York City sneaker enthusiasts from around the globe came together to celebrate the live launch of the world’s first sneaker focused wiki, Sneakerpedia. The rain and wind could not stop hundreds of excited guests from putting on their freshest footwear to enjoy a party on a Tuesday, May 17th. Along with the team of influencers from Complex, the Sneakerpedia event featured guests from around the sneaker community. Continue reading

Sneakerpedia Weekend Sneaker Showcase

One of the greatest things about sneakers is that it brings all of us together–from all different walks of life. Whether you are in a 9-5 office job, working in the local mall at sneaker shop, or a stay at home mom taking care of the next generation of sneaker enthusiasts, what is on our feet connects us all.

Some of us may be lucky enough to wear our favorite kicks any day of the week, but others might only get the chance to do so on the weekends, while we kick back and unwind from a busy work week. With that in mind, we asked our twitter followers to share with us the sneakers they wore over the lastcouple of days. The response was so fantastic we had to narrow down our choices. It was great to see a wide variety of brands, models and colorways, ranging from general releases all the way to limited editions and even some customized sneakers.

If by chance you didn’t make it this week, be sure to follow @Sneakerpedia on Twitter to join in the fun, and hopefully you’ll be featured in next week’s blog post!


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Sneakerpedia Launch Party Coverage

Although the forecast called for heavy rainstorms with the potential for flooding, that didn’t stop hundreds of sneaker enthusiast from attending the Sneakerpedia launch party on Tuesday evening, May 17th, in New York City. Included in that number is a variety of personalities, including bloggers, photographers, artists, entertainers, as well as the Sneakerpedia top curators from Europe such as Ghettrocentricity, Marco Colombo, Jay Smith, Sergio Muster, and more. The positivity of the night not only lead to a successful event, but also garnered great feedback as well. Twitter and Facebook were both abuzz with photos, videos and good times from sneaker enthusiasts sharing their excitement about the launch of Sneakerpedia.

We wanted to share the experience from our friends around the world, so check out more coverage of the Sneakerpedia Launch Party throughout the social media community. Click each picture to visit their sites.

sneakerpedia coverage sf

Strictly Fitteds

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