Sneakerpedia has arrived! Well almost!

Some of you were expecting a live public Sneakerpedia site this week…. You’ve got the burning desire to be part of sneaker history right!?!?

To let you know, we’ve had a couple of last minute ideas through our Beta Community that we feel are vital for the public site… Although it means a little extra waiting, we’ve decided to work a bit longer on the site to ensure SP will be everything the Sneaker community needs it to be.

If anticipation to be a part of the beta club is as unbearable as footprints on white mesh then make sure you keep an eye out on your favourite sneaker sites. We’re going to be hitting them all up with random code drops between now and the actual launch.

I hope you are as excited as we are about this news, these changes are going to make a big difference to the site when the time comes. Remember to follow us on twitter (@sneakerpedia) – this will be the place for all upcoming SP announcements.
Team SP… Coming soon… x

Joining the exclusive Sneakerpedia Beta Club will positively deepen your obsession.

2 responses to “Sneakerpedia has arrived! Well almost!

  1. real dope we’d like some info on team SP

  2. Great site. Keep up the great work. I wish I could have made it the party at the Hudson Hotel.

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